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PVC Garden Hose Basic Scalability

PVC garden hose products in the use of the process is most concerned about is the basic flexibility of the product can meet the basic needs of production activities, PVC Garden Hose the need to meet the basic needs of the production activities.

Generally speaking, the plastic products can be divided into three degrees of freedom, such as telescopic, pitch and roll, so there are different control requirements for the docking state, PVC Garden Hose to ensure that the pipe can be easily combined after control.

The use of the product temperature is also an important impact, usually in the thermal expansion and contraction, the length will change, while the pipe will be the corresponding deformation problems. The greater the cross-sectional area, the greater the basic force.

Compression, wear, etc. in the use of the product will also affect the basic flexibility, PVC Garden Hose high tensile strength and tear strength; for microbial hydrolysis, as well as chemical and mineral oil corrosion and other factors is also a key factor.

 PVC garden hose products in the current plastic pipe occupies a certain market position, widely used in landscaping management and agricultural production management and many other industries in production activities.

1, storage needs in accordance with the basic norms of the industry, according to the basic purpose of the product and the quality of storage; PVC Garden Hose storage of environmental conditions need to ensure a cool and dry, there will be no sun exposure problems, resulting in product exposure to aging problems. PVC Garden Hose At the same time if the product is not used for a long time, need to be placed in a special storage room for preservation.

2, for the product of the transport process, PVC Garden Hose can not frequently flip the product to ensure that the packaging is fixed, there will be no problems such as bumps and other products lead to surface wear problems. For the storage time of the product, not too long,PVC Garden Hose prone to aging affect the service life, the product of regular inspection and maintenance, to strengthen the product corrosion resistance.

1, the product storage time should not be too long to ensure that the hose in accordance with the rules of first-in first use. For some products that require long-term storage, PVC Garden Hose pay attention to the basic performance of the product before using it.

2, the use of the product and storage need to pay attention to ensure that products can stay away from direct sunlight and artificial light source strong position. PVC Garden Hose Avoid the storage area of light transmission, you can use some red, white or orange cover to cover the way to deal with.

3, for the product's long-term storage problems, PVC Garden Hose the need to ensure that there will be no special environment such as media to ensure that there will be no product performance changes, loss of the best performance problems.

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