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PVC Garden Hose Storage Conditions

Currently, PVC garden hose products are designed to upgrade the new pipeline products on the basis of the original products. PVC garden hose can adapt well to the basic needs of the market. Today everyone will explain and introduce the product related technology upgrade and material improvement content, the following is easy to understand.

1. For the basic production of the product compression method, the diameter of the pressure roll of different sizes shall be rationally designed and produced according to the later use of product damage degree. The basic compression of the product affects the basic service life of the product. If there is excessive compression of PVC hose, it will increase the bearing load and consume more energy. Lack of compression can lead to product leakage and reduce volume efficiency. Therefore, the diameter of the product is designed according to different production activities.

2. Support pump speed and lubricant selection. For different products of the product, support pump production or purchase design, PVC hose ensure the speed of pump will not affect the basic quality of the product. Generally speaking, the faster the speed, the longer the piping will be used. Regular adding lubricant can also improve the basic life of the pipeline.

PVC hose products currently occupy a certain market position in plastic pipes, which are widely used in the production activities of many industries, such as landscaping management and agricultural production management. PVC garden hose needs to pay attention to the basic maintenance and management of products in the use of products and stored procedures. Today we explain the common problems of product storage.

1. According to the basic specifications of the industry, according to the basic use and storage quality of the products, the storage needs to be stored; Storage of environmental conditions needs to be cool and dry, not to expose the sun's problems, causing the product to be exposed to aging problems. PVC garden hose at the same time, if the product is not long term, needs to be kept in special storage.

2. For the product of the transportation process, it is not possible to flip the products frequently to ensure that the packaging is fixed, and there will be no problems of surface wear caused by products such as bumps and bumps. For product storage time, not too long, easy to age impact service life, PVC garden hose check and maintain products regularly, to strengthen product corrosion resistance.

PVC garden hose is a kind of basic pipe product which can be used in the process of mass production of industry and activities. It is of great importance to promote the production and progress of the basic enterprises. Today we introduce and introduce basic microstructure of basic structure, simple understanding and understanding of PVC garden hose.

The inner product is by using a new kind of plastic raw materials, and new formula design and manufacturing, to ensure that the basic production of fiber thicker, basic can ensure the product in the use of weathering products. Product performance and stability.

PVC garden hose product storage conditions

1. Storage life: shorten storage time during preservation of garden hose, and use "advanced first out" circulation method. For products that need to be extended storage time, a full pre-use inspection is required.

2. Light: the pipe should be stored in the dark to avoid sunlight and artificial light. Storage Windows should be painted red, orange or white.

3. No artificial compression, elongating or variation of pull is allowed during storage. No contact with sharp metal. Storage in a dry environment, such as conditions permit to separate area storage. The basic storage state is rolled up and flat, not can be folded. If you need to stack, you need to ensure that the stack height is in the limit and avoid the pressure of the lower layer to produce a permanent change. The heavier products should be placed below and lighter on top.

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