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PVC High Pressure Hose Best Decision

The exploration and development of reservoirs in increasingly remote environments places higher demands on the performance and flexibility of hose products. PVC High Pressure Hose Regardless of whether the equipment is used for drilling operations in the depths of the crust or in deep water areas, it requires higher working pressure, PVC High Pressure Hose faster flow rates, better chemical compatibility, and greater resistance to external water pressure. Users also want the device to have better reliability.

These demands will only increase as the environmental impact increases and the economic losses caused by equipment downtime continue to increase. Suspension of inspection or maintenance of suspected damaged equipment may result in loss of several hundred thousand dollars per day, if the hose must be remotely controlled by vehicle underwater inspection, PVC High Pressure Hose or get back to the water inspection, the economic losses will be greater.

As the drilling operations move toward deeper, PVC High Pressure Hose more difficult environments, the oil and gas industry is also frequently evaluated. Continuously checking equipment performance will help companies prevent accidents from happening. A company through the design of verification programs and reporting system, to the user concise and clear to show how each product is qualified - to complete the test, PVC High Pressure Hose the results of how - to help end users to make the best decision on the equipment.

The manufacturer utilizes a set of gate-like processes that can manage all new product developments. This process is of particular importance because the current industry specification for the main road - describes how the hose product is qualified for the specified work pressure level - striving to keep pace with the growing market demand. One of the door-to-door processes is the completion of a formal technical design review. This process takes into account all sources of error when assembling a hose, PVC High Pressure Hose such as the error of the hose assembly, PVC High Pressure Hose the difference in material properties, the error of the fitting, and the assembly error.

After the verification test is completed, the manufacturer uses a controlled finishing diameter that is much smaller than the verification on the assembled fitting. After the assembly is completed, PVC High Pressure Hose the size should be immediately measured with a digital caliper, the outer diameter to verify.

Companies that offer such equipment are currently exploring other areas that need improvement, such as the manufacturing process of hoses and the subsequent testing process. PVC High Pressure Hose The manufacturing process must be improved because the operator requires the hose to have better high pressure performance. This may make the manufacturing error that has been previously acceptable at a lower level of work pressure.

During the test, PVC High Pressure Hose if the manufacturer allows the hose assembly to remain in pressure for a long time, this pressure will wear through the hose.

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