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PVC High Pressure Hose Feature

High pressure hose is divided into: fiber reinforced polyurethane hose, fiber reinforced nylon hose, steel reinforced polyurethane hose, steel reinforced nylon hose, steel wire wound resin hose, food grade hose.

Steel reinforced polyurethane hose

Structure: Inner core polyurethane (PU) Reinforcement: Wire braided sheath: Polyurethane (PU)

Features: smooth appearance, bending radius is small, a variety of hose minimum burst pressure is working pressure 3 times, temperature -40 ° ~ + 100 °

Performance: a good oil, heat and aging resistance, to withstand high pressure, excellent pulse performance.

Uses: The product is mainly used in the automotive industry, engineering machinery, lifting transport machinery, high-pressure transmission and liquid drive, do high-pressure paint dedicated pipe.

Steel reinforced nylon hose

Structure: inner core nylon (PA) reinforced layer: wire braided sheath: polyurethane (PU)

Features: smooth appearance, small bending radius, wear resistance, easy to bend, easy to install, able to resist many chemical corrosion, smooth wall, small resistance, fluid fluency, the minimum burst pressure of various hoses is working pressure 3 times Temperature -40 ° ~ + 120 °

Fiber reinforced polyurethane hose

Structure: Inner core polyurethane (PU) Reinforcing layer: Fiber woven sheath: Polyurethane (PU)

Features: smooth appearance, small bending radius

Performance: high strength, high modulus, high elasticity, tear resistance, solvent resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance, and both rubber and plastic properties. His outside diameter, bending radius and weight are used with the inner diameter of the rubber tube 1 / 2-1 / 3, very easy to process design and manual installation.

Uses: high pressure, low pressure hose is mainly used for machine tools, automobiles, construction machinery, high pressure hose on the motorcycle, brake tubing and oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, smelting and other industrial automatic control of pneumatic instrument line and so on.

Fiber reinforced nylon hose

Structure: Core Nylon (XPA) Reinforcing layer: Fiber woven sheath: Polyurethane (PU)

Features: smooth appearance, small bending radius


Under high pressure only hand can be completed with the measurement of the combination of hose or disconnected. Small structure. High working pressure.

High-pressure quick connectors are used primarily for connection purposes and for high pressure or low pressure fluid system sampling and system pressure detection.

High-pressure quick connector in the one-way valve will seal the oil, no oil, of course, and other effects: If the system has bubbles such as the top of the joints can be opened, the release of gas; easy to test the cylinder, valve block and so on.

Speaking of high-pressure quick connector we are no stranger, because the high-pressure quick connector in our lives has been very popular, not only life, water companies, power companies, sewage treatment plants and so on are very common.

PVC high pressure hose Features:

1. Tough: the special processing of polyester polyester thread twist treatment, the middle of the tube in the overall textile manufacturing products, so the product burst pressure is very high, up to 200kg / cm2; working pressure can reach 60kg / cm2.

2. Strong: the PVC layer and polyester thread layer and special engineering technology paste, so that the tube inside and outside the absence of the phenomenon and from the layer.

3. Durable: After using the rigorous selection of materials, fine filter processing and improve the quality management system to produce products, so the product life is very long.

4. Soft: the use of twist treatment of polyester wire and the best ratio of PVC to produce products, reducing the PVC pipe hard shortcomings, so the product is not only smooth and very soft.

5. With high pressure, anti-stretch, Naisuan Jian, corrosion-resistant, beautiful appearance, soft and lightweight, durable

Uses: Products for high pressure cleaner, high pressure oil system, agricultural medicinal machinery, garden vegetable spray machinery, high pressure sprayer, high pressure pipe cleaner, high pressure AIR construction equipment, shipyard, steel company, welding equipment, medical hanging tower Supporting the use of

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