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PVC High Pressure Hose Maintenance Inspection

High-pressure hose is our usual life or that the industry is more common a material, it has a lot of brothers and sisters who, such as food-grade hose, fiber reinforced nylon hose, PVC High Pressure Hose steel reinforced nylon hose, etc., their surface Are very smooth, and resistance to stress is also heat, for high-voltage lines or machine tools and construction machinery which has a significant role.

For different high-pressure hose their application path and characteristics are also different. But the overall characteristics are very smooth appearance, and the radius of the bend can be very good, PVC High Pressure Hose not only oil is also heat, but also to prevent

Prolonged use caused by aging. In the case of high-pressure work, PVC High Pressure Hose the use of high-pressure hose can be easily connected, PVC High Pressure Hose such as your high-pressure fluid sampling to detect, with high-pressure hose protection you do not have to worry about some accidents will

occur. In the car using a high-pressure hose can make the car does not leak, PVC High Pressure Hose but also easy to release the inside of the gas and vehicle maintenance testing. Not only for our life has brought convenience in water and electricity and so on in large quantities.

The diameter of the selected high-pressure hose must be matched with the caliber required for the high-pressure pump. If the selected hose diameter and the high-pressure pump are not marked,PVC High Pressure Hose it will affect the normal use or damage the high-pressure hose.

With high-pressure hose, according to the technical parameters of high-pressure pump to determine the choice of matching pressure hose, do not use more than the actual pressure of the hose. When you buy high-pressure hose, PVC High Pressure Hose you can choose to withstand the higher pressure of the product, PVC High Pressure Hose for example: high pressure pump is required 1300bar, we can buy 1500bar hose, so it is easier to extend its life.

Strictly in accordance with the relevant instructions to properly use, maintenance and maintenance of high pressure hose. When the high-pressure cleaning machine in the cleaning work, PVC High Pressure Hose can not hand to twist the hose. If the cleaning needs, really need to bend, then, according to the actual situation of the appropriate angle bending. In the operation of the high-pressure washing machine, can not repeatedly open and close the high-pressure water gun, as far as possible to reduce the instant open, PVC High Pressure Hose instantaneous closure of the frequent operation of the high-pressure washing machine hose damage caused by the impact. High-pressure hose in a long time without the use of the state, to drain the inside of the water, PVC High Pressure Hose the hose will naturally bend the plate into a volume, the horizontal state.

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